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Admission is competitive with a 3 exam entry-requirement, with a focus on math, physics and Russian.

It has well-established contacts with many universities in the problems world, exchanging students programs and lectures with the leading international institutions of higher education. It houses the unesco international Demography courses, the unesco hydrology courses, the International biotechnology center, the International laser center. It provides courses and seminars on kat Russian as a foreign language. Its 40 facilities provide a wide range of educational services and educational programs with demanding entry requirements for prospective students. Programs are offered in Russian and English languages. Moscow State Institute of International Relations (Moscow). It is the diplomatic school of the ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia and is the oldest and most famous institution for preparing professionals in international relations and diplomacy. As such, the institute offers 56 languages study classes, making it the largest selection of languages courses in the world. Bauman Moscow State technical University, this university is the oldest and largest Russian technical university offering. And PhD degrees in various engineering fields and applied sciences.

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To study abroad, money matters the most therefore check the sort of funding you can get to pursue your studies in Russia. Russian government has set some policies to grant funds both for the International students and Russian citizens. For over 40 years, American councils has operated study abroad programs in Russia for thousands of participants. Academic opportunities include how language immersion, business internships, and the study of current events in Russian society. Foreign students who wish to study abroad should seriously consider our offers regarding study abroad in Russia. Our free chat support team always ready to answer all the queries which can be in your mind. We are putting together a guide to studying in Russia including popular destinations, featured study abroad programs, recommended universities, information about scholarships and helpful advice and reviews. Our fifth annual State of Study Abroad in Russia follows a fairly quiet year in Russia.

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Petersburg State University (St. It is the biggest University in the city and the second best multi-faculty university in Russia after Moscow State University. The university has a popular reputation, having educated the majority of Russia's current political elite, including presidents Vladimir and Dimitry medvedev. The Philological Department of the University offers Russian courses for foreign citizens in its Russian as a foreign Language (RKI) programs. Mechnikov state medical Academy (St. It is one of the oldest and largest Russian Higher Medical Schools and is a leading institution for training specialists in preventive and clinical medicine. It has a long tradition of educating Russian and international students. Today people from about 80 herken countries in the world study there. Lomonosov moscow State University (Moscow the oldest and largest University in Russia and is one of Russia's most prestigious institutions of higher learning.

Entry regulations: Student visa and financial guarantees. Language requirements: Pre-academic year to study russian. Cep contact Information: Contemporary Educational Programmes office 609, stroenie 2, bldg 64, zemljanoi val str, moscow, russia 109004. 7(095)9560094, fax 7(095)9567864, e-mail: russia.

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University level fourth stage: Kandidat nauk (Aspirantura programmes doktor nauk: Candidates must hold a specialist Diploma or a magistr's degree. Studies last for 3 years. The Aspirantura prepares for research and professorial activities. Students must learn teaching methods, icts, and pass qualifying (Kandidat nauk) exams. They carry out independent research, prepare and defend a dissertation in public. They are then awarded the scientific degree of Kandidat nauk. The doctor nauk programme is lieskanaal specific and its duration is not fixed.

It follows the kandidat nauk and is awarded after preparation and public defence of a dissertation. It does not always have an equivalent in other countries. Foreign students admission : A student who does not have russian citizenship. Admission requirements: Students must have completed secondary education. There is a compulsory pre-academic year for those who do not know Russian or/and for those with weak pre-university training. They must successfully pass the entrance exams. Foreign applicants entering universities should not be older than.

University level first stage: First stage. If students leave a university they may ask to obtain the diploma of Incomplete higher Education which entitles them to obtain jobs that require some he training but not a degree and to continue their studies on the basis of at least two years. University level second stage: bakalavr, bachelor's degree programmes last for at least 4 years of full-time university-level study. The programmes are elaborated in accordance with the State Educational Standards which regulate almost 80 of their content. The other 20 are elaborated by the university itself. The programmes include professional and special courses in Science, the humanities and Social-economic disciplines, professional training, completion of final research paper/project and sitting for State final exams.

Having obtained the bakalavr's degree, students may apply to enter the magistr's programme or continue their studies in the framework of the Specialist's Diploma programmes. The bakalavr's degree is awarded in all fields except Medicine. In Medicine, the first stage lasts for six years. University level third stage: Magistr, Specialist Diploma, holders of the bakalavr's (Bachelor) degree are admitted to enter the Specialist Diploma and Magistr's (Master's) degree programmes. The magistr's (Master's) degree is awarded after successful completion of two years' full-time study. Students must carry out a year of research including practice and prepare and defend a thesis which constitutes an original contribution and sit for final examinations. The Specialist Diploma is a professional qualification that gives the right to exercise professional activities in the field and to apply for doctoral programmes.

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There are two levels of doctoral degrees: Kandidat nauk degree (the first level) and doktor nauk degree (the second, highest level). The following higher education reforms are under way: 1) diversification of higher education; 2) humanization; 3) decentralization of management, university autonomy; stadia 4) creation of a non-public sector of higher education. There are 609 public heis and 206 accredited non-State heis in Russia; the ministry of Education finances 315 public heis. The rest are financed by other Ministries or local authorities. Classes from: Sep to: Jun, long vacation from: 1 Jul to: 31 Aug. Languages of instruction: Russian, stages of studies, non-university level post-secondary studies (technical/vocational type state and municipal higher education institutions at non-university level comprise tekhnikums/uchilishche and colleges. They train middle-level specialists such as techncians and skilled nurses. They confer Diplomas after 2 years' study on the basis of Secondary (complete) general education and after four to four-and-a-half years on the basis of Basic general education. If a holder of the non-university level Diploma enters a university-level institution of higher education in the same field of study, up to two years of previous studies could be counted by heis' authorities as a transferred period of study and he or she may.

study abroad in russia

Cbse guess education study Abroad russia, education In Russia, higher education, higher education in Russia is provided by public and non-public (non-State) accredited higher education institutions (HEIs). Education in public heis is not completely free of charge. Approximately one-third of the students pay for their studies. In non-State heis all students must pay tuition fees. Higher education is under the jurisdiction of the ministry of Education of the russian Federation, which is responsible for the accreditation and licensing of heis and for developing and maintaining State Educational Standards. There are three levels of higher education: 1) incomplete higher education (2 years at least 2) basic higher education (4 years) leading to the bakalavr's degree, the first university level degree; 3) postgraduate higher education (total number of years of post-secondary education: 5-6 years. Heis are authorized to award the magistr's degree after 2 years of study or Specialist's Diploma after 1 magnesium year following upon the bakalavr's degree (e.g.

making Moscows economy a hub of activity and constant interaction. It hosts many famous historical attractions and is world-renowned for its rich night life. Along with saint Petersburg, moscow is home to some of the best universities in the country, where young people can develop a close personal connection with Russian culture. Every corner teems with photo opportunities so never stray too far without a holster-full of film. Popular Universities for Study Abroad in Russia. Now that you have a bit of an idea of what each city has to offer, it's time to choose a university to study in!

Petersburg is arguably russias most westward-leaning and progressive cities, making the city perfect for study abroad. For example, the famous white nights festival during summer is an amalgamation of dancing, music and art that culminates in the Scarlet sails (most of the people that celebrate this last event are students). Certainly, a fun and cultural celebration perfect for students! Studying abroad. Petersburg can help study abroad students gain a greater appreciation of Russian politics, wat history and culture, with a slightly different feel than Moscow. The famous Russian author fyodor Dostoyevsky called. Petersburg the most abstract and intentional city on the entire globe.

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Some would say that Russia has two capitals—St. Both cities are ripe with political activity, a rich culture, and an energetic student body. Petersburg: Located in northwestern Russia,. Petersburg does not look like a city originally built in a marshland. Also known as Venice of the north,. Petersburg was built by famous Italian and French architects, and therefore, has a very unique character. Paris has the eiffel Tower and Rome boasts the coliseum, but. Petersburg has become a global model of architectural beauty—just take a stroll down the three-mile long nevisky prospekt avenue to gaze at the monuments, canals, and bridges. Theres more to the city than pretty sights though:.

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study abroad in russia
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Study, abroad, in, russia : Students looking to travel for school can find a comprehensive directory of study abroad programs in, russia. Study abroad in, russia for a year, semester, or summer and improve your Russian language skills while studying the rich culture and history of the country.

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  3. Russia at all three sites: Irkutsk. Unlike many American programs in, russia, in which study abroad students are.

  4. The School of Russian and Asian Studies (sras) lists scholarships to study abroad in Russia and other former soviet states, most of which are specifically for. Want to know what 192 students think about studying abroad in Russia? Browse through 104 study abroad programs in Russia to find the perfect one for you! Middlebury continues to operate its program.

  5. Explore dozens of study abroad programs in, russia, complete with reviews, alumni interviews and tips to get you started. Russian, area, studies abroad. Petersburg, russia next semester and immerse yourself in the rich culture of this dynamic city with ciee. Study abroad in Russia for a year, semester, or summer and improve your Russian language skills while studying the rich culture and history of the country.

  6. Study Abroad In Russia : Students looking to travel for school can find a comprehensive directory of study abroad programs in Russia. Want to study abroad in Russia? We have everything you need: study abroad programs opportunities, reviews, interviews, scholarships, you name it! Study Abroad in Russia with aifs. Summer, year, fall and spring semester study abroad programs available.

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